-=-=-=-=Sunday, 27 June 2022=-=-=-=-

Guess who's got 2 thumbs and is going on holiday to France, Spain and Germany at the end of the year? This guy! I'll be recording my adventures there and I hope you guys come along for the ride!

-=-=-=-=Sunday, 25 June 2022=-=-=-=-

I've got an award now! if you see this, know that I approve!

-=-=-=-=Sunday, 19 June 2022=-=-=-=-

the new live A live remake looks amazing, i'm so happy its one of my favourite rpgs of all time

-=-=-=-=Thursday, 1 June 2022=-=-=-=-

Castlevania: SOTN is so fuckin rad

-=-=-=-=Wednesday, 1 June 2022=-=-=-=-

I'm very stressed about science. I'm just barely scraping by with a 50%. :(

-=-=-=-=Tuesday, 31 May 2022=-=-=-=-

Ah, my birthdays coming up. :D What are you all getting me?

-=-=-=-=Sunday, 29 May 2022=-=-=-=-


-=-=-=-=Saturday, 28 May 2022=-=-=-=-

It's the weekend for me, I'm having a good time and I hope you all are.

-=-=-=-=Wednesday, 25 May 2022=-=-=-=-

Alrighty, i've redone a bunch of stuff on this site and worked on some essays so I'm pretty happy.

-=-=-=-=Tuesday, 24 May 2022=-=-=-=-

Holy fucking shit this TF2 bot situation is unbearable, when the fuck is valve going to wake up and realise that one of their biggest games is almost completley unplayable right now. It wouldn't even be that hard to fix just cut linux support.

-=-=-=-=Monday, 23 May 2022=-=-=-=-

I have a bunch of new essays and assesments to work on, hooray. -_-

-=-=-=-=Wednesday, 18 May 2022=-=-=-=-

I forgot to upload my friggin essay that I worked on for weeks so I might be losing marks cuz I uploaded it today. ;-;

Tuesday, 17 May 2022

-=-=-=-=i have some multimedia homework shit due tommorow that i gotta do=-=-=-=-